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SMC uPVC offers a complete manufacturing solution for all your uPVC furnishing needs. Along with the varied styles and designs, SMC uPVC windows and doors can be custom made to any specification. We ensure that you receive a hassle-free service right from the start till the installation of the uPVC windows and doors. Our end-to-end solutions are designed to frame the best view for you. Our wealth of knowledge of the construction industry gives us an edge in the technical expertise needed in ensuring perfect design, fabrication, and installation for your uPVC windows and doors.

Survey & Design

 Whether you order one uPVC window/door or thousands, we'll customize the perfect solution for you

 The process starts with our survey executive visiting your site and taking the measurement and discussing the right solution for you

Fabrication & Delivery

 SMC manufacture uPVC windows and doors at the highest quality

 When it comes to fabrication, our trust lies in the technologically sound machinery from Germany that ensures high reliability and accuracy

 We manufacture the highest quality uPVC products by selecting the best glazing and hardware

 After the fabrication process, Venster uPVC windows and doors are delivered at the site as per the agreed delivery schedule

Installation & Maintenance

 We offer end-to-end service which extends beyond delivery to installation and maintenance too

 Our experts ensure smooth installation and take you through the operations and maintenance guide

 After you move-in to your home, we are there for you to rectify any issues, all free for the first year.

 Our flawless customer service team supported by professional installation and state-of-the-art infrastructure has helped us achieve more than 1.2 million installations across India

Post-sale service

 Once you have installed the new windows or replaced the old ones, we keep a close check on the performance even after the installation

 All our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories with your chosen design and specifications. Still, if you face any issue with the functioning at any point in time, you can simply raise a request. Our trained manpower is available to you 365 days a year

 Once you raise a request, our technicians personally visit your home and resolve the problem in no time

 The post-sale service covers any functional issues or nature-induced physical damage to your uPVC windows and doors, all free for the first 12 months post installation

Personalized for 'YOU'

It is when you understand that it is impossible to imagine a room without a window that you realize its importance! The creative and high-performing uPVC window arrangements by SMC don't simply offer a scope of designs, colors, and styles yet in addition gives you the adaptability to modify the structures according to your requirements. So, whether you choose sliding, casement, or a villa window, the choice to modify and customize your windows always stays with you!

What can you customize when you opt for SMC uPVC windows?


Choose from a wide range of uPVC window styles and designs


Modify the uPVC window with the glass of your own choice

Mesh / Grill

Add a mesh / grill to the selected uPVC window


Complement the windows by your choice with stunning hardware options

Fixed Window

Fixed windows are an affordable and efficient window option, that allows natural light into your home without compromising on thermal insulation. Fixed windows can make a gorgeous picture window that can look over your backyard or lovely garden. They have the ability to lighten up your living area and magnify your vision space, when it is coupled or combined with your current windows or doors. any functional issues or nature-induced physical damage to your uPVC windows and doors, all free for the first 12 months post installation

Casement Window

Casement windows is the traditional design of window that are hinged at the side and can be either made with left or right opening. Casement windows from SMC are easily opened and closed with the turn of a handle. They are able to push out to a generous 90 degrees for excellent air flow and easy cleaning of the outside glass from the inside. Casement windows can be combined with a variety of other window styles to provide you with what you feel is the perfect architectural expression of your house, like casement windows can be combined with, side or top of the windows, or any available doors.

Sliding Window

A sliding window is an excellent space saving option as it allows you to fill the interior with warm and natural light, while providing a modern and beautiful view of your exterior space. Sliding windows are coupled with rollers for easy openings. Sliding windows from SMC are very cost-effective and require very low maintenance. Slider Windows are generally designed for those users, who have a constraint for space. These types of windows are very ideal for places with restricted spaces. Moreover these windows come with an add-on feature of a Bug Screen / Mosquito Panel which acts an additional protection.

Top Hung

Top Hung windows are hinged on the top and they project out at the bottom. The advantage of Top Hung windows are enabling ventilation even during rainy weather.

Combination Window

Combination Windows are two windows of the same type or different types can be combined to produce combination windows. Normally these types are combinations of fixed windows with casement windows or sliding windows. Combination Windows are generally used if more light is required but there is only a limited amount of operating space available for windows,Combination windows is the ideal solution for these types of cases.

Variants of SMC Doors

Are you are looking for the grand 10 ft balcony doors or fully functional internal doors?, SMC offers a range of beautiful designs, perfect to incorporate in any space. The clean designs offer beautiful views also provide improved ventilation and better aesthetic appeal.

uPVC doors by SMC are designed to transform your space while keeping it secured against noise, dust, rain, pollution and rising energy costs. Install and make the right choice.

 French Door

 Sliding Doors

 Casement Door

High Performance

SMC uPVC doors are customized to fit individual specifications. The Thermal Insulation properties help to maintain an optimal indoor temperature throughout the year. The uPVC doors bear high tensile strength and are resistant to dust and corrosion making your doors virtually maintenance free.

French Door

Classic French Doors provide a great opening for simple access to the exterior of your home. The traditional mastery which originated from France in the 17th century, mixed with modern energy-efficient technology, produces a contemporary twist on a classic design.CREATIVE recommends using French Doors for joining indoor and outside spaces, such as a conservatory and a garden. This can be incredibly effective for social gatherings.French Windows also provide a practical solution, on top of being aesthetically pleasing. Opening one single door is convenient for everyday uses, but opening both the doors simultaneously, allows for larger objects to be moved easily.

Sliding Door

Sliding doors have become a traditional symbol of contemporary and elegant architectural design in modern architecture. They are very versatile as they can be used for either internal or external purposes, in a variety of spaces such as offices, restaurants, schools and houses. The standard sliding door is a fixed pane with another sliding door frame, but other options can include two sliding panes with a fixed panel or even two sliding panes with two fixed panels. All of the available configurations are extremely easy to use whilst still keeping their fashionable design.

Casement Door

Casement Doors open and close from either side with a regular swing motion. Casement doors offer a spacious opening for the main doors in offices, schools and also for doors that open up to the garden or the terrace. Casement doors perfectly suits any and every architectural mood. Casement windows are unique for their simplicity and elegance and offer a very calm and composed look to your house.